Andela and Codewars Join Forces

Jake Hoffner
March 9, 2023
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Today I’m excited to share the news that Codewars and Qualified are joining forces with Andela, the global network for remote technical talent. When co-founder Nathan Doctor and I started Codewars, we wanted to build a developer community that supported itself. Inspired by competing at hackathons, we wanted to utilize the spirit of competition to motivate both aspiring and professional engineers to push their limits and become even better at their craft. Over the years 3.5M+ Codewarriors from all over the globe have helped to build the thriving community that Codewars is today. Users have learned from each other and helped each other, to better themselves and give back.  

The amount of work you all have put into authoring kata, training, moderating, reviewing code, and building a supportive community astonishes us every day, and we could not be more grateful for your passion and dedication. We are incredibly proud of what Codewars has become. We are excited that as we move into our next chapter with Andela, Codewars will continue to carry on its mission that we started over a decade ago: a place to achieve code mastery through challenge. 

We start a new chapter today by joining forces with Andela, a global talent network whose mission is to connect brilliance with opportunity, irrespective of race, gender, and geography. Andela is, undeniably, a near-perfect fit for both Codewars and Qualified. Our companies coming together is kismet, actually. 

Back in 2017, Qualified and Andela first joined forces to build up Africa’s tech ecosystem. Using Qualified’s developer assessments,  Andela successfully assessed over 19k developers. None of that would have been possible if it weren’t for the Codewars community, which powered learnings that allowed us to build what we believe to be the world’s best developer assessment platform. 

Like mentioned above, nothing about the Codewars product or community will change. It will continue to be a place to train, create, challenge yourself, and learn. The Codewars team and I will continue working on Codewars, just as we always have. Over time, we’ll be excited to introduce Andelan teammates to provide extra resources and work with us to build more resilience and continuity.

For users looking to join Andela’s talent network, you can start today. Over time we will look at how we can improve the enrollment process by using the achievements you have already made on Codewars as a launching pad for your Andela talent network journey. We will also look at how we can strengthen the Codewars community through Andela, so that we can provide more support and career guidance to everyone, regardless of where they live or where they are in their career. 

Andela has the highest respect for the community we built, and they are ecstatic about the opportunity to be involved with such a vibrant, driven community like ours. Rosa Langhammer, Director of Talent Experience and Community, shares that, “Codewars is one of the most important parts of the developer ecosystem in the world today. I’m blown away by this amazing community committed to improving their skills in the Dojo, creating Kata, and giving constructive feedback to help solve their peer's problems. I can’t wait to introduce our wider Andela Community to Codewars to further their skills and collaborate.”

On behalf of Codewars and Andela, thank you. We look forward to continuing to provide meaningful opportunities to both Codewarriors and Andelans, to build a community with you all, and to support you during each step of your development journey.

Jake Hoffner

Codewars & Qualified Co-Founder & CEO

Andela Head of Talent Product

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